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lowpoly ralin dwarf wars moorpg. Dwarf walking on a soft foggy morning

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New Character Models

It’s time to change the placeholders because slowly we are getting closer to one of the first releases. On the left, you can see the placeholder, in the middle the style that all chars get now and on the right, you see the old model as it was planned. Why does it not look like […]

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Day/night and Weather System

In an MMORPG it is important to have a day/night cycle. It rounds off the experience and the player can fit better into the world, because the experience seems more real. However, there is still something better than a day/night cycle… Weather that changes and adjusts the light conditions and temperatures. We will explain what […]

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Swarin Hills – The Dwarves of Dvalinn – West

Swarin Hills is a somewhat small mountain range in the west, which separates fertile land and the coastal area from Harstat. The mountain range keeps the constantly rising sea away from the inland and therefore the dwarves of Dvalinn have to struggle with the sea entering their tunnels. If the dwarves dig too far to […]

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Euranomia – Terra di Mezzo – Land of the middle

The land of the humans. Once scattered to the four winds, mankind populated the whole earth. Continents, water and air, considered them their own. Long grown, reasonably intelligent and endowed with the gift of hate. The humans, who once peacefully populated the world, dedicated themselves to art, poetry and the documentation of history. Cartography was […]

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Placeholder Character

Again and again the placeholder is adjusted, because sometimes you only notice late if the model meets all requirements. For Ralin the model has to be able to do many things and so a simple model with a small rig became a model with all animation possibilities. The problem is simply that no asset store […]

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lowpoly ralin dwarf wars moorpg. Dwarf walking in the night
Ralin - Dwarf Wars


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