The land of the humans. Once scattered to the four winds, mankind populated the whole earth. Continents, water and air, considered them their own. Long grown, reasonably intelligent and endowed with the gift of hate. The humans, who once peacefully populated the world, dedicated themselves to art, poetry and the documentation of history. Cartography was also a popular teaching of the people. The race of men, rich in knowledge, were very popular and traded with all other races of the earth. With the trade, gold swep to the hearts of the people. A creeping process began.

But greed, envy and hatred of everything else was destroying people inwardly and their kings were thirsting for power and glory. Under the pretext of imaginary gods, they robbed and plundered. Soon there was only the quest for gold.
When the human kings, each for himself, attacked the dwarves and elves, they failed miserably due to the war machines of the dwarves and the martial art of the elves. All nine kings fell. In a frenzy of blood, the dwarves executed everyone who even showed the appearance of royal blood. This is only a short summary of the 200 years war, because there are too many stories to tell and too many traditions to interpret to describe the whole war here.

The humans were pushed back and so they surrendered to the dwarves. The elves had already retreated from the war 50 years before, when the dwarves reached their bloodlust. Elves abhor violence and only use it when absolutely necessary.
All humans were taken to Euranomia. The land in the middle. The land that must not have a king or lord.
The humans still seek knowledge, but they are also the storehouse of other races. The fertile land in the middle of the mountains, contains many fields and tree plantations. Farm animals are bred and food is produced in abundance.

Envy still shines through the façade of the smiling population, but after the fall of human culture and the enormous decimation of this race, there is no thought of a rise. The humans continue to steal from each other and stay in Euranomia for themselves.



  • A lot of knowledge
  • Plenty to eat
  • Love the trade
  • Intelligent nation
  • Cheap goods


  • Living in poor conditions
  • Are consumed by hate and envy
  • No hospitality
  • Violence and crime
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