Swarin Hills is a somewhat small mountain range in the west, which separates fertile land and the coastal area from Harstat. The mountain range keeps the constantly rising sea away from the inland and therefore the dwarves of Dvalinn have to struggle with the sea entering their tunnels. If the dwarves dig too far to the west, they will encounter loose rock, which sometimes gives way to the water.

The mountain range is not very high, but partly very deep. There is no snow on the peaks but it is still not a hiking trip to reach one of the 6 peaks. The middle peak consists of lava rock and was a very long time ago an active volcano. In the middle of the summit there is a lake, which is used by the dwarves for fishing. The crater is home to flora and fauna up to the edges of the crater.

Swarin Hills is considered the place of origin of the dwarves and is handed down as the first dwarf empire. It is said in the documents of the scientist and magician Robert Richerds that the dwarves, also called Homo floresiensis, look like children with facial hair. Even today, the dwarves of Dvalinn are still angry when they are pointed out to the statements of Richerds. In fact, the inhabitants of the Swarin Hills are small and somewhat narrower than other dwarf peoples. Nevertheless, it is very robust and blessed with thick skin. The documents say that this first species was created this way because they do not live so deep in the mountain itself. Dvalinn’s dwarves are also fond of wandering and travel with caravans through all kingdoms. They are gifted merchants, and they get on well with all races, even with humans.

Swarin Hills is home to hundreds of dwarves and is riddled with mines and tunnels. The Swaringian dwarf Raosvior(the Clever) Fitz Habor has found out where and how deep you have to dig to find silver, gold and gems. The humans have recorded this in their documents and expanded on it again and again. Swarin Stone in the Swarin Hills is the only dwarf cave with its own library. The robust rock would withstand even the hardest war.

Only in the 3rd age, according to the dwarven calculation, the Swaringian dwarves joined the dwarf lord Dvalinn, after he drove back the demons from the first mountain peak Zaldun’bor. Zaldun’bar is still secured by several huge steel doors. The rock is equipped with explosives to blow up the shaft at any time.

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